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Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using the natural aromatic oils found in plants to benefit the health of your body and mind. These aromatic oils are called 'essential' because they are the very essence or 'heart' of a plant, each pure essential oil has its own unique therapeutic properties.

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The word 'aromatherapy' was coined in the 1920's when the French cosmetic chemist Gattefosse discovered the healing powers of lavender quite by accident. Having burnt his hand, he applied lavender oil to the wound and to his surprise, found that his hand healed quickly and without scarring. Inspired by his discovery, he spent the rest of his life studying the curative powers of essential oils.

Nowadays, aromatherapy is highly regarded as an effective form of complementary therapy with recognised physical and emotional benefits. It is a system of natural hea1th care that is proving popular as more and more people are rediscovering the holistic approach to healing by treating the 'whole person'.

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What are Essential Oils?

Every plant has its own characteristic aroma and flavour because of its essential oil.

Any part of a plant may contain its essential oil - the flowers, leaves, fruit, stems, wood, bark, roots or resin - and extracting even a tiny amount of precious oil takes a great deal of work. Jasmine flowers, for instance, have to be hand-picked before the sun becomes hot on the very first day they open and it takes 8 million blossoms to produce just one kilo of jasmine oil! It is hardly surprising then that some essential oils are fairly expensive.

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Essential oils work upon the body in two ways. Firstly, each oil has a range of therapeutic benefits which take effect as the oil is absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. Secondly, as the oils specific aroma is inhaled, it work on the emotions to conjure a special mood or feeling.

Use Aromatherapy for Yourself!

Using aromatherapy every day could improve many areas of your life...

Beauty: Mix your own lotions, splashes and creams to clear acne, banish cellulite and wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin and more.

Relaxation: Use the oils to soak up stress, relieve tension, soothe your mind, blitz fatigue and lull fretful babies to sleep.

Healing: Blend gentle and effective remedies for everything from colds to headaches, period pains and arthritis.

Massage: Create blends to relax, energise and revitalise your love life!

As you become familiar with the different special properties of the oils, you'll soon want to experiment more widely and make your own blends.

This Weeks Oil:
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At Duffy's Pharmacy, we stock the following Essential Oils:



Benefits for the Mind

Benefits for the Body

Soothing Restores equilibrium. A soothing oil, aids digestion and is especially good for children.
Tea Tree Antiseptic Has excellent anti-viral & anti-fungal properties. Use in a mouthwash or gargle.
Eucalyptus Clearing Encourages clear headedness. Strong anti-bacterial properties. Clearing when used in steam inhalations.
Fennel Eliminating Clears the mind.. Used in a massage oil, it aids digestion.
Peppermint Cooling Motivates and helps alertness. Aids digestion. Used in a footbath, it eases sore and tired feet.
Pine (scots) Invigorating Used in a bath, it eases muscular aches and pains after exercise.
Fennel Eliminating Clears the mind.. Used in a massage oil, it aids digestion.
Rosemary Stimulating Strengthens memory & concentration. Relieves muscular fatigue after physical activity. Beneficial in scalp and hair care preparations.
Lavender Versatile Helps regain composure. An excellent antiseptic. Encourages a peaceful night's rest.
Ylang Ylang Sensual Creates a sense of well being. A reputed aphrodisiac, it lessens inhibitions, relaxes the body.
Cinnamon Tonic Lifts the spirits Aids digestion and circulation. Used in a vaporiser as a room scent or fumigant.
Ginger Digestive Enhances a sense of confidence. Useful in massage blends for muscular fatigue. Soothes digestion.
Citronella Insect repelling . A powerful deodorant. Ideal for tired and sweaty feet.
Grapefruit Releasing Generally uplifts. A good pick-me-up and tonic for the body.
Lemon Refreshing Encourages concentration. Has strong astringent and toning properties. Good for treating oily skin.
Lemongrass Revitalising Stimulates. Good cleansing and toning properties. Ideal for problem skin.
Mandarin Comforting Relaxes & soothes. Useful for minimising stretch marks.
Orange Cheering Enhances mood. Aids digestion. Astringent qualities will invigorate dull, tired skin.
Frankincense Eliminating Stabilising. A toning and rejuvenating oil ideal for mature skins. Clearing when inhaled.
Sandalwood Reassuring Induces relaxation and tranquility. Beneficial for very dry skin.
Note: Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oils are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, and ideal for use in a massage.

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