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You are most definitely not alone in having a weak bladder. Nor does it have to keep you from having a normal, active lifestyle. Bladder weakness is often treatable, exercises and training do help, and protection is available, if and when you need it.

TENA for Men Level 2
Anatomically designed for the male profile, TENA for Men Level 2 offers greater absorption than Level 1 - with exactly the same discreet comfort, confidence and odour control.


TENA Pants Discreet
You wear it just like normal underwear - and get all the extra protection and security you need in everyday life. Providing excellent comfort and a snug, body-close fit, the TENA Pants Discreet offers the perfect solution for both women and men with light to moderate leakage. The new TENA Pants Discreet is twice as dry as before and features a breathable, textile-like material. The absorbent core is integrated. Soft elastics ensure a comfortable fit.

TENA Comfort
Just like TENA Lady Normal and Extra, TENA Comfort features synthetic elastic sides that ensure a superior fit and greater comfort.

Increased absorption and retention capacity ensure security and confidence in all situations. LadySuper features a special absorption technology with super-absorbent granules in the new Dry Fast Core™ that quickly absorbs and retains wetness. The pad now feels even drier than before. Odour Control™ prevents odour.

Conveen Multi Action Pads
If you experience leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing, lifting or excerising - you are not alone. Conveen Multi Action Pads are comfortable, soft and dry surface to prevent skin irritation. They have a high capacity and instant obsorbency and locks fluid even under pressure.


Bed Sheets

  • We also supply incontinence bed sheets in packs of 20 - One size


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