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The face is always uncovered - it is always to be seen. It is therefore the most obvious area for expressing the personality.

Cosmetics have been used for many centuries. In fact, ancient civilisations knew about the art of make-up and ointment. At Duffy's pharmacy, we employ a beauty therapist to advise you on this art.

We also stock many brands of cosmetics including Isadora, Gosh, Elizabeth Arden, Egypt Wonder, Vichy. Our leading cosmetic range is La Roche-Posay.


La Roche-Posay laboratories develop the safest treatments with proven effectiveness and rigorously tested on women with sensitive skin and eyes. Women know their skin is respected, they feel it is protected. Feeling more secure, they feel more beautiful.

La Roche-Posay Beauty Products
Toleriane Foundation Oil Free Foundation with SPF 20
Respectissime Mascara
Respectissime Densifieur gives lashes 3 dimensional volume, available in black, brown & blue
Respectissime Duoscopic 2 step mascara that fortifies & strengthens the lashes, available in black, brown & blue
Lips & Nails
Novalip High Resolution Intense long lasting colour available in 10 shades
Novalip extreme Smoothing Hydrates, repairs and smoothes the lips, available in 7 shades
Silicium Nail Strengths soft and split nails and protects them against further damage.

Never has a mascara had such respect for the eyes.

Working with computers, wearing contact lenses, pollution, the eyes are subjected daily to many sources of irritation, including cosmetics which can be aggressive. Today, one in two women claim to have sensitive eyes. For them, PHAS introduces the first mascara especially formulated for sensitive eyes.


The formula is unique. The ingredients have been reduced to the minimum possible, in number and in dosage, guaranteeing the perfect make-up yet fully respecting the physiology of the eye. Thanks to a supple brush mounted on a flexible wand, application is gentle and safe. In one action, the lashes are defined and separated. The make-up stays comfortable and lasts throughout the day. 4 rich colour's in 2 versions.

Lengthens and gently defines the lashes.
Thickens and defines the lashes superbly.
Black; Brown and Blue


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