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Botanical Name Eucalyptus globulus
Origin Australia, but now widely cultivated
Description The Australian blue-gum tree grows to heights of nearly 300 feet. Called 'Kino' by Australian Aborigines who used the leaves medicinally. It is renowned for its decongestive properties.
Extraction Steam distillation from the leaves
Fragrance Penetrating, strong, medicinal, camphor-like.
Properties Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Antiseptic, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-viral, Deodorant, Diuretic, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Mucolytic, , Rubefacient, Stimulant, Tonic, Vulnerary, Decongestant, Anti-parasitic, Balsamic, Vermifuge, Neuralgic, Anti-rheumatic, Cicatrisant, Anti-Catarrh
Aromatherapy Use Invigorating, stimulating, refreshing, cooling, emotionally balancing, clears the mind and aids concentration
Medicinal Uses General gastrointestinal stimulant, antibiotic, disinfectant, expectorant, cough suppressant - a common component in many cough and cold remedies; antibacterial, antimicrobial, antitubercular and antiviral properties are well-substantiated. Has been used against some intestinal parasites and as an antimalarial. Can be used as a room sanitizer (10 drops per 60ml of water, used as a spray). Can be applied as a rub to ease headaches; has been used to soothe and disinfect cuts and minor burns.
Other Uses Steam inhalation, chest rub, room spray, bath, sauna, massage, diffuser
Emotions, Psyche: Balancing, Cleansing, Stimulating
Safety Info Best avoided during pregnancy, if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure and with small children.

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