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Summer is here and Duffy's pharmacy is celebrating with special offers in-store on Suncare products. These offers, together with the advice outlined below should ensure you have a happy, healthy and sunburn-free holiday. Remember, don't forget your sunscreen!

Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer
The general medical recommendation is to avoid tanning. However, if you wish to get a light tan, follow these directions to do it as safely as possible.

Holiday Checklist
Make your holiday as enjoyable as possible by being prepared. This checklist covers the suncare and toiletry products you should bring with you, as well as products to cater for minor holiday ailments.

Travel Sickness
If you suffer from Travel Sickness there are some steps you can take to prevent and treat the symptoms. Check out this article from our Health Focus Archive and travel well!.

Travel Vaccinations
Travel vaccinations are required for traveling to certain parts of the world. Find out what diseases you should be immunised against.

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